26 Maggio 2024

Visita a San Cassiano di Motrone


gita a San Cassiano di Motrone

♦  “È stata una bella gita culturale ieri a San Cassiano”

così il primo commento di una partecipante. Sul blog www.maidiremaiadulti.blogspot.com c’è un breve reportage che si può andare a leggere.  Qui sotto una foto dal rullino di Pieranna e ancor sotto il link per la musica d’organo registrata da Emma.

Un “Grazie” al prof. Fabrizio Nicoli, organizzatore e animatore nella splendida giornata.

San Cassiano di Controne.

There are many places nearby my town that I’ve never seen. L’UNI3 of Barga offered to us a chance to visit the town of San Cassiano in Controne .  In that place we discovered a very interesting museum and little ancient Churches that are hidden between  the mountains and surrounded by  some houses.  Professor Fabrizio  Nicoli explained to us the history of these holy temples with  superb knowledge. Understanding the original story of the façade of the buildings, knowing the age of the paintings and the artists who worked  these attractions made it all very fascinating. The visitors were  attentive during the lesson and appreciated the fact to talk about backgrounds never known before. During the visit our guide gave to us an interpretation of the amazing symbols that are visible in these holy temples.

To complete our day, in the afternoon we went  for a walk through narrow paths towards the Cathedral of ST. Giulia and admired the nature and the sights below.  A lady that took part of the trip told us that she married at that altar sixty-two years ago. Inside we saw a very valuable organ that has been restored and with a big surprise the young son of our guide gave to us  a wonderful performance inspiring a very spirtual atmosphere .

After a very comprehensive conference it was time for lunch. We stopped in a pleasant restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Thanks to the organizers of this trip.


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